Reevaluate Your Energy Expenses

Cut costs with a commercial solar panel installation in Vancouver, WA

As a business owner in the Vancouver, WA area, it’s important to assess your expenses on a regular basis and look for ways to reduce costs. One of your biggest monthly expenses is your utility bill.

By investing in a commercial solar panel installation, you can not only drastically reduce your electric bills, you’ll also be helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Pacific NW Solar has a passion for solar energy, and we take pride in providing quality commercial solar services.

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What to expect during your solar system setup

Before Pacific NW Solar schedules your commercial solar panel installation in Vancouver, WA, we’ll give you a free, no-obligation project quote that includes:

  • An energy resource audit and site analysis
  • A solar energy feasibility analysis
  • An onsite evaluation to assess your needs
  • The design and build for your solar system
  • The overall cost estimate for your system installation

Once we’ve carefully evaluated the results, we’ll begin the installation process. Call now to schedule commercial solar services in or around Vancouver, WA.