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Commercial Solar Panel Installation Beaverton OR

We’re Here for When You Need Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial Solar Panel Installation Beaverton Or

As a business owner in the Beaverton, OR, area, you must assess your expenses regularly and look for ways to reduce costs. One of your most significant monthly expenses is your utility bill. By investing in the installation of solar panels, you can not only drastically reduce your electric bills but also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

At Pro-Stat Solar, we have a passion for solar energy and take pride in providing quality commercial and residential solar services. Contact our solar company today to get a free customized project quote.

Commercial Solar Installation is Right Around the Corner

There are a lot of benefits to utilizing solar energy systems. Converting to panels includes solar energy incentives like saving money on your bills, receiving a federal tax credit, reducing your carbon footprint by using clean energy, increasing your property value, and so much more. In some cases, you can produce more than you need and you can sell excess energy back to power companies. Before installing your new solar energy system, we’ll give you a free, no-obligation solar project quote that includes:

  • An energy resource audit and site analysis
  • A solar energy feasibility analysis
  • An onsite evaluation to assess your needs
  • The design and build for your solar system
  • The overall cost estimate for your system installation

We’ll begin the installation process once we’ve carefully evaluated the results. Our installation experts will design your system based on your roof type, location and energy usage. While each install project we work on vary based on each clients unique needs, all our solar panels and hardware used are of the highest quality to give you the best results. Give us a call today to schedule your commercial solar services!

We Have Experience Working with All Solar Panel Systems

At Pro-Stat Solar, we are an expert solar company with years of experience working on all types of commercial solar installation projects, from minor to large-scale systems throughout Beaverton and the surrounding areas. We have extensive experience installing roof-mounted systems for warehouses, schools, restaurants and other businesses with flat roofs and pitched roofs like car dealerships or RV parks.

Our team provides complete design services so we can help you realize your project’s full potential while saving money along the way. We are the go-to solar panel installation company for business owners looking for a cost-effective way to utilize a clean, renewable energy source.

Offering Solar Solutions Throughout the Pacific Northwest

Commercial Solar Panel Installation Beaverton

As a local solar company that has been in the industry since 2009, you can rest easy knowing that our team has the necessary experience to ensure your project is successful. Our solar experts will be happy to provide you with all the information you need about our products and services and answer any questions about solar electricity, financing options, solar incentives, or anything else you have in mind. You can achieve energy independence with just one phone call.

Pro-Stat Solar offers custom system details for commercial property owners. Harnessing solar energy has many environmental and financial incentives, like saving you and your business money on electricity bills and reducing your carbon footprint. We can help you design a system that fits your needs perfectly! Our expertise in solar panels means that we can help you make the right decisions about which components will work best for your property.

Stop Searching for Commercial Solar Panel Installation Near Me, Call Pro-Stat Solar!

From the first step to the final inspection, we want to make the entire process as simple as possible. Whether you need a completely new system or a hardware upgrade, we have you covered. That’s why our team works with each of our customers individually to determine how much energy their property needs and what kind of return on investment they can expect from installing solar panels in their business. Our goal is to provide superior service and ensure that every one of our customers gets exactly what they need from a renewable energy system and creates a sustainable future. Give us a call to get started on your switch to solar energy!