The Vancouver Land Bridge is a unique pedestrian and bicycle bridge that is a part of the Confluence Project, a collaborative effort between artists, designers, and historians to celebrate the history and culture of the Columbia River region. Next blog post.

The Vancouver Land Bridge spans State Route 14 and connects the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site to the Columbia River waterfront. The bridge is designed to mimic a natural land bridge historically used by Native American tribes to cross the Columbia River. The bridge’s design incorporates elements of the landscape, including rocks, plants, and water, to create a natural and immersive experience for visitors.

The bridge is 40 feet wide and 660 feet long, and its surface is made of wooden planks. The planks are arranged in a basket weave pattern, a nod to the Native American tribes who used baskets to transport goods across the river. The bridge is supported by concrete piers that blend in with the surrounding landscape.

The Vancouver Land Bridge is more than just a bridge – it’s also an outdoor gallery that showcases the history and culture of the Columbia River region. Visitors can view a series of interpretive panels along the bridge that provide information about the region’s Native American tribes, European explorers, and early settlers. The panels are decorated with intricate designs inspired by the region’s art and natural surroundings.

The bridge also serves as a gathering place for the local community. The bridge’s overlooks provide stunning views of the Columbia River and the surrounding landscape, making it a popular spot for picnics, photo opportunities, and special events. The bridge’s location, connecting the historic Fort Vancouver to the Columbia River waterfront, has also helped to revitalize the surrounding area and attract new businesses and visitors. Check this out.

Overall, the Vancouver Land Bridge is a beautiful and innovative addition to the Vancouver landscape. Its unique design, inspired by the natural landscape and rich history of the Columbia River region, makes it a must-see destination for anyone visiting the area. Whether you’re looking to learn more about the region’s history, enjoy stunning views of the river, or simply take a leisurely stroll or bike ride, the Vancouver Land Bridge is a must-visit attraction.