The Welcome to Washington Sign is an iconic landmark at the Washington-Oregon border along Interstate 5. The sign welcomes visitors to the state of Washington and has become a popular photo spot for tourists and locals alike.

The Welcome to Washington Sign is located in Ridgefield, Washington, just north of the city of Vancouver. The sign stands over 20 feet tall and features the state’s name in large, bold letters. The sign is illuminated at night, making it visible to travelers 24 hours a day. A fantastic read.

The sign was originally installed in 1950 and has undergone several renovations over the years. In 2018, the sign was replaced with a modern version with energy-efficient LED lights and a sleek design.

In addition to welcoming visitors to the state, the Welcome to Washington Sign has become a symbol of pride for Washington residents. The sign has been featured in numerous commercials, movies, and television shows and has even been the subject of several social media challenges and memes.

The location of the Welcome to Washington Sign makes it a popular stop for travelers and tourists. Many people stop at the sign to take photos and stretch their legs before continuing on their journey. The sign has also become a popular landmark for locals, who often use it as a point of reference when giving directions.

The Welcome to Washington Sign is not just a symbol of the state’s hospitality, but also its rich history and culture. The sign is located near several important landmarks, including Fort Vancouver, Pearson Air Museum, and the Columbia River. These sites provide visitors with a glimpse into the state’s past and offer a deeper understanding of Washington’s unique identity.

Overall, the Welcome to Washington Sign is an important and beloved landmark that represents the state’s welcoming spirit and rich heritage. It is a must-see destination for anyone traveling through the region, and a point of pride for those who call Washington their home. Keep reading about Vancouver.